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Re: Radnabenmotor #
geschrieben von: Andy Mühlebach user status icon global
Datum: 19. November 2007 23:05

Hallo SAM-Leute

Ich habe mich wieder mal um den Radnabenmotor gekümmert und eine neue Anfrage gestartet bei PML-Flightlink.

Hier die Antwort:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your e-mail enquiry. Please accept our apologies if you have been waiting for a response.

The Mini QED was produced as a PML technology demonstration vehicle. PML does not currently offer a vehicle modification or retrofit service, but hopes to eventually be able to provide retrofit kits. This will not be available for some considerable time yet. From a cost point of view, the MINI QED has a price tag of GBP £200K which makes the vehicle uneconomical in 1-off quantities.

PML is currently undergoing a period of substantial restructuring following the recent investment into the company. Thus unfortunately we are only able to accept orders for fully funded, high volume projects. Any new contracts would divert resources away from the existing programs, and thus would require the finding/ hiring of an additional dedicated team. It would also require the design of a motor specifically for that application. In order to determine whether we would be able to accept a particular project, we would need details of timescales for the project, quantity required and the current project stage (initial design, prototype, funding secured, etc).

We can supply wheel motors and drives to be fitted by the customer to almost any type of vehicle. At present they are all being built by hand to customer order at our factory in Alton; nothing is available ‘off the shelf’ and none of our distributors are able to stock these items as they cannot currently offer the required technical support. We quote for each application individually. Over the next 18 – 24 months we will be moving into high volume production of Hi-Pa Drive™ motors for the automotive market. When these motors are in full production and available as a ‘stock’ item, details will be posted on our website

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Andrew Vallance