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Re: Radnabenmotor #
geschrieben von: Andy Mühlebach
Datum: 07. September 2006 18:25

So lautete die Antwort (eben eingetroffen):

Dear Andreas, we do not have off the shelf motor to offer. We have manufactured wheel motor in prototype version in the past but those motors are not at a commercial level yet.

In order to retrofit on your vehicles we would need to adapt and then produce the unit so they can be durable. Such an effort will require time and money and unless I am wrong a few vehicles will not justify all the investment that needs to be done in order to have a commercial wheel motor available.

I would like to know what you think.

Best regards.

Mr. Patrice Dupont
Business Development Manager
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F. 1.450.645.1864
M. 1.514.501.9506
135 J.-A. Bombardier, suite 25
Boucherville (Québec)
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